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Requests For Unlisted Brands Will Be Deleted.
Model* U.S. and Canadian Models Only!
Must Include Model Number Of Set ___ NOT the Number On The Remote!!
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Type Of Equipment And Age Are Very Important For Identification Purposes.
Age can be as vague as almost new or 10+ years just to give us an idea.
Do Not Use TV/xxx For Type Of Equipment Unless The Set The Remote
Goes To Has A VCR Or DVD Player Physically Built Into It!!
For Identification Purposes We Need To Know The Model Number
And The Type Of Equipment The Remote Was Originally Supplied With.
We Do Not Need To Know What The Remote May Be Capable Of Operating. I.E.: If It Originally Came With A VCR Call The Equipment Type VCR
Even If The Remote Could Work A TV And Other Equipment Too.


Contact Information
All Information Will Be Held In Strict Confidence. See Policies # 1
No Email Information Will Be Used For ANY Purpose
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Research usually takes 2 to 7 work days. Occasionally we have to submit information directly to the manufacturers research department. It is not uncommon for them to take up to 2 weeks to reply. If we have not contacted you within 2 weeks please check the appropriate lookup tables. You may re-submit your request after that time if your model is still not listed. We Get A Lot Of Undeliverable Email addresses.
If A Remote Is Listed As No Longer Available With No Subs
Please Do Not Make A Research Request.
We Will Post Any Known Subs To The Original Page.
All Requests For Remote Control Programming Codes
Will Be Referred To The Owners Manual Page.
We Do Not Have Programming Codes Available.
The Only Way For Us To Get Them Is To
Order The Owners Manual
For The Model That The Remote Originally Came With.
We Do Not Have Any Codes For ANY BRAND Of
Universal After Market Remotes.

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