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This tutorial will take you through the process of
locating and ordering a listed remote control.
In this example we will be looking for a remote control for a
Pioneer SD-P5181-K television by its model number.

Select the brand, Pioneer, by clicking on it in the drop-down brand selection menu. This will direct your browser to the Pioneer main menu.

Select the type of equipment, TV in this case, from the list. Clicking this hyperlink will direct your browser to the Pioneer TV index.


Find the link to your remote by the numbers printed on or inside of it from the list of remotes by part number.


Enter your model number in the "Find on This Page" box and click the Find button. Your browser will scroll to the location of that model number in the lookup table.

The "Find on THIS Page" feature is only available for Internet Explorer and Netscape on some of the more lengthy model lookup pages.

The lookup table indicates the generic number, often printed somewhere on the remote, is CU-SD090 and the Pioneer part number is AXD1414. Clicking the AXD1414 hyperlink will direct your browser to the product information page for this part.

The selection can be verified here based on appearance, generic number (if applicable) and model number.

The third column begins with the part description, inventory status (active inventory), and pricing information.

The information at the bottom of this column may contain links to various substitutes and alternates.

Rollover Help is available for some of the items in the third column. Simply roll over the

with your mouse to get a little more information.

The Help Box displayed here warns the user to allow popups while using this site.

Enter the quantity desired and click the Add To Cart button. This should direct your browser to your shopping cart.
If nothing happens after clicking the button it is because a popup blocker is active and is causing improper operation of the shopping cart.

This page shows the contents of your shopping cart and directions for adjusting your cart contents. You may continue shopping or checkout with the link at the bottom.

Your email address is your unique identity for our shopping cart. Carefully read the instructions and enter an email address before proceeding.

This page begins with a form for entering your billing address information.

Below the billing address information we gather the shipping address information. To ship to the billing address check the appropriate box. A space is provided for account related notes.

The top of this page displays the information gathered so far.

Select your desired payment and shipping options before proceeding.

A grand total is calculated and displayed. In this case our example customer is a resident of the Peach State so we have to charge sales tax on this order. The rest of the country and Canada will not be charged any tax.

Here is the form displayed when credit card payment is selected. Enter the card information in the appropriate fields.

Continuing down the credit card page a security notice and terms of agreement are displayed.

Enter your model number here for the compatability guarantee.

For PayPal payments carefully read and follow the instructions

Enter your model number here for the compatability guarantee.

This is your invoice.(Top)

For PayPal payments carefully read and follow the instructions. When you click the button to Complete Order at a new browser window will be opened.

For credit card payments the PayPal instructions will not be displayed. Your order is complete at this point.

This is your invoice.(Bottom)

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