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Zenith 6710V00108D Remote Control

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ID# LP702

CONCIERGE Set Up Remote. Not for consumer use. Requires service lit or setup instructions as well as specialized training. Warranty exchange if defective returns ONLY.
Originally Supplied With:
42LG20-UA, LST-4600A, RU-27FB30, RU-27FB30C, RU-27FB31C,
C32A38, H19E34Y, H19E34Y9, H19F34DT, H2015A, H2015DT, H2015Y, H2022Y, H2034Y, H2034Y3, H2034Y33, H2035DT, H2037Y, H2050DT, H2050DT3, H2050DT33, H2050DT4, H2050DT6, H2058DT, H2059DT, H2059DT3, H2059DT8, H20E34Y, H20E50DT, H20F34DT, H20H52DT, H2133DT, H24F36DT, H24F39DT, H2505BT, H2522A, H2522DT, H2522Y, H2534Y33, H25C34Y, H25D34Y2, H25D35DT, H25D39Y, H25D39Y2, H25E34Y, H25E34Y8, H25F34DT, H25F34DT3, H25F36DT, H25F36DT3, H25F39DT, H25W35DT, H2733DT, H27C35DT, H27D35DT8, H27D35S8, H27E35DT8, H27E35DT9, H27E35S, H27E55DT, H27E55DTS, H27F36DT, H27F36DT3, H27F36DT37, H27F36S, H27F36S37, H27F39DT, H27F39DT37, H27F56DT, H27F56S, H27G48S, H32E35DT, H32E35DT9, H32F36DT, H32F56S, H32G48S, H36E35DT, HE20C50DT, L10V34, L10V34H, L10V34S, L20V34, L20V34S, LP702, PDI-Z25TVD-WR
  • Model: 6710V00108D
  • Shipping Weight: 0.335lbs
  • 1 Units in stock at our warehouse in Thomasville, Georgia
  • Manufactured by: ZENITH

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Zenith 124-206-03 Remote Control
NOTICE: Customer handset remote for Hotel/Motel application suporting ON/OFF - CC - MUTE - Channel and Volume UP/DN - 1 thru 0 - ENTER and TIMER. Works all models using this setup remote. Sale Priced!
Zenith 124-206-03 Remote Control
$44.56  $9.95
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