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Infrared Remote Control Repair
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The original remote is always preferable to a cheap universal replacement.  Send your expensive or no longer available remote for repair.  Most remote controls are repaired flat rate $25 + $7 Priority Mail return shipping. Some remotes may require parts and a few are quite complex and the labor rate is higher. Expect $30-40 labor on large programmable remotes with 25 + buttons, remotes with doors, LCD panels, or slide switches. Please use this service for expensive or no longer available remote controls. Remotes that can be replaced for under $40 should only be sent after consideration. We will not necessarily compare a repair to a replacement unless you specifically ask us to evaluate it that way. If you request an estimate over $25 or if the remote repair will be more than $40 we will give you an estimate first. If the remote is unrepairable you may have it returned for the shipping charge and a $5 bench charge or add it to our "organ donor program" and owe nothing.

Print the form linked at the bottom of the page, fill it out and include it in the package with your remote.

All remote controls shipped to Electronic Repair Service
for repair are subject to the following criteria:

  1. Any Brand Infrared (IR) type remote controls may be sent.
    We are not set up to repair UHF Satellite remotes. Please don't send.

  2. For your protection you should use a shipper with delivery confirmation
    and if it's an expensive remote buy insurance.

  3. Package unit well. Remember that you are liable for it until it reaches our facility.
    Poorly packaged units may not be covered by the shippers insurance.

  4. ALWAYS send Make & Model Number of the set the remote came with.
    If the tag on the back of the set shows a service or suffix number, please include.

  5. Give as detailed a complaint as possible, especially when the complaint may not be obvious.

  6. Include your name, address, phone number, and Email address. 
    Include credit card info and if your remote can be repaired for the flat rate,
    the repaired remote will process out faster.
    Unless you request an estimate over $25 we will repair and return your
    remote without slowing the process to contact you if it can be repaired for
    $40 + $7 s/h or less.
    You may also include a PayPal email address and we will send you
    a PayPal money request when we have a repair total.

  7. This offer available to US and Canadian addresses only.
    Canadian repairs must be shipped by International Express Mail @ $29.00
    Any remotes received from other countries will not be returned.

  8. Be aware that some cosmetic damage to the case may happen in the opening of the remote.
    Most will show no signs of entry, but due to the design of some remotes it is unavoidable. There is also the slight possibility of case discoloration and/or letter removal from the cleaning process. We do our best to minimize cosmetic damage, but due to the large number of different remote case designs and materials, there is no guarantee that we can return it in the exact same physical shape it was before it's opened. Some case designs require that they be glued back together effectively making them only repairable once.

  9. Much like humans who go in for minor surgery and never make it home, there is also the possibility for the remote to come off the repair bench in worse shape than it went in. Intermittent or partially operating remotes have been known to "hard fail" during repair. It is rare, but we cannot guarantee that a partially or intermittent operating remote won't become totally unusable after a repair attempt.

Ship remote transmitter to:

Electronic Repair Service

623 Campbell Street

Thomasville, Georgia 31792

Attn: Remote Control Repairs

No prior contact is required.

Do Not Send With Batteries!!

   We will provide you with an estimate for repair if it will exceed the $25 + $7 s/h flat rate.

     All completed repairs carry a 90 day warranty. 

     If you decline the repair estimate you may pay a $5 bench charge and $7 return shipping and we will return your remote un-repaired.  You also have the option of junking the remote (organ donor) for the bench charge and owe nothing. 
Usual time for repair or estimate is 4-9 days after receipt. 

Print this form, fill it out and include it in the package with your remote.
(Adobe Acrobat required. Free download available here.)

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